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Understanding your gifts to the world

Learn more about who you are at your core, including your best and worst behaviours and the relationship between your two predominant enneagram styles. Gain a better understanding of yourself whilst honouring the fact that others may view the world differently

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Become a better version of YOU.

Through understanding your inherent nature and behaviours,you will begin to recognise and appreciate the purity of your being and its innate qualities of love, compassion, kindness and wisdom.

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Why take a test?

  • Discover your natural gifts and common patterns of behaviour when you’re "at your best' and 'at your worst’
  • Gain insight into why you behave the way you do.
  • Find out how you can be in the best version of yourself more of the time.
Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Start the journey to your best self.


Paid Version

Gain insight into:

Your primary Enneagram style
Your secondary Enneagram style
Your gifts to the world
You in your Higher Self
You in your Lower Self
Your Top 2 Enneagram style combinations
Lines of integration and disintegration
Trapdoor tendencies
How each of the Enneagram styles operates
Your overall profile